What the catering sector expects of our chairs

The characteristics of our seating for the catering sector

Chairs and stools are an integral part of the furniture for cafés, bars, bistros and restaurants. Their role is both functional and aesthetic. These chairs are constantly handled and often manhandled. That’s why it’s essential to find the perfect balance of style, comfort, solidity and portability.

Your seating says a lot about your establishment

Chairs and stools carefully chosen to reflect the cuisine and service (traditional or modern, fast food or gourmet, intimate or lively, bar or lounge) immediately show the customer the value of the time they will spend there.

For example chairs with high backs and/or footrests in front of a zinc bar or in front of an eatery provide a greater level of comfort. As a shiny material, metal enhances the brightness of a room. On the terrace, the ability to simply move and add seats around a table adds a guaranteed sense of conviviality.

Extremely comfortable seats limit the turnover of customers who like to savour their time at the table (while also consuming more). Armrests can also have an effect on customer behaviour. Conversely, seating with a smaller footprint increases the number of covers, maximizes seating capacity and facilitates the movement of staff.

Choosing the right chair according to its use

More than any other furniture in the hotel and restaurant industry, chairs take more abuse and are really put through their paces. That’s why they need to be extremely well-built.

Opting for sturdy, quality materials that are durable and resistant to both impact and the various risks of staining and service incidents removes the need for frequent replacement and ensures long-term savings. The same is true when the seats are sufficiently stable and well-balanced to prevent customers from using them to swing dangerously, and which can damage them prematurely.

Avoiding chair legs that make too much noise when scraping across hard floors and tiles is a “plus” for customers who will appreciate the efforts made to spare their hearing. It is also important to check that the base does not risk damaging or scratching the floor covering.

Choosing easy-to-clean materials, such as chairs and stools that are easy to handle and easy to stack on tables to aid floor cleaning also improves productivity.

Finally, selecting stackable occasional seating simplifies storage and organization.

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