How can I tell a genuine Chaise NICOLLE® chair from a copy?

The industrial style has become a classic in the world of contemporary furniture. This functional, minimalist design first-and-foremost uses metal and/or wood and has its roots in the world of workshops and factories at the start of the 20th Century.
Taking advantage of this trend, countless models of NICOLLE® lookalike chairs and stools are available to buy, in particular from chain stores, but these are pale imitations, often made in China, India and Bangladesh. Furthermore, unlike Chaise NICOLLE® products, they’re not built to last a lifetime.

Here are a few things to look out for to help you identify a genuine Chaises NICOLLE® product.

Delivery time and colours

Unlike the genuine article, “lookalikes” are imported from far away countries and have sporadic delivery times at best. Also, the colours are numerous and not great quality.

Chaises NICOLLE® deliver worldwide in under 15 days, with a choice of 200 colours from the RAL colour chart. Delivery is even possible within 48-72hrs if the model is in stock.

Grand chois de couleurs pour vos sièges

Quality metal

Due to the metal used to build the frames on copies, they are often finished with sharp edges, sometimes dangerously so!
This poor-quality metal can also cause the legs to bend, sometimes after just a few of hours use.

NICOLLE® uses softened metal with rounded edges to ensure a pleasing smoothness.

NICOLLE® sources its hard-wearing, high-quality S355 structural steel from France for solidity and longevity.
It’s thanks to the superior construction and materials, NICOLLE® chairs can bear loads of over 350kg.

Métal chaises Nicolle
Chaises Nicolle - Crash test


The legs and rungs are assembled using hot riveting to guarantee unrivalled strength. Two visible metal rivets are placed hot into each leg.
The seat is spot welded to the legs at no fewer than 20 points to ensure the assembly is perfectly rigid. These spot-welds remain visible and are a helpful way to identify a genuine Chaises NICOLLE® chair.

Chaise Nicolle - Eventail de couleurs
Rivetage a chaud d'une chaise Nicolle Métal


Since 2014, all our seats are engraved NICOLLE® Paris on the rear rung. It’s an easy and irrefutable way of identifying our products.


The famous whale-tail back support

The quality of the metal used to make Chaises NICOLLE®’s signature whale-tail back support is a closely guarded secret.

This flexible ergonomic backrest is perfectly placed in the small of the back, adapting effortlessly to the movements of your spine.

Chaise et taburet Nicolle devanat un bar en Italie
Dossier queue de baleine

Vintage models?

NICOLLE® has been manufacturing its seats for more than a century and numerous models are still around and in great condition!

We’re always happy to help you identify them …feel free to contact us!

Vintage chaise Nicolle
Anciens Chaises et tabourets Nicolle

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