Tabouret industriel de bar chez Grazie à Paris

Industrial Furniture

The principle of industrial furniture is to bring elements directly inspired by the working environment of the 20th Century industrial and metalworking revolution into the home.


How can I tell a genuine Chaise NICOLLE® chair from a copy?

There’s a profusion of different models of chairs and stools out there that all look like original Chaise NICOLLE® products, especially from large retailers, but these are just low-quality imitations. Learn how to identify an authentic Chaise NICOLLE chair.

Assise de chaise ou tabouret Nicolle en cours de pressage

The secrets of building a Chaise NICOLLE® chair

Chaise NICOLLE® boasts a long tradition of craftsmanship. Our manufacturing combines robust, durable materials with industrial techniques that go back over a century. It’s this wealth of experience that guarantees the quality, strength and originality of our products.