Chaise Nicolle réglable en hauteur dans une usine

Adjustable workshop stools

Height-adjustable workshop stools and chairs have a long history in the industrial world. During the 1950s the NICOLLE company created two adjustable chairs with rotating, height-adjustable seats, and today we have reissued our classic DACTYLO and DESSINATEUR chairs.

Chaises Nicolle par l'agence 14 septembre au salon Maison et objet

What the catering and food service industry expects from our chairs

Chairs and stools are an integral part of the furniture for cafés, bars, bistros and restaurants. Their role is both functional and aesthetic. These chairs are constantly being handled, often roughly. That’s why it’s essential to find the perfect balance of style, comfort, solidity and portability.

Teat time pour le fauteuil nicolle By paola Navone

Working with a designer to reinvent an iconic chair

The traditional know-how associated with metal chairs needs to be constantly refreshed. Our partnership with a designer helped us see our craft and the way we produce in a new light. Their creativity allowed us to reexamine our product in new and enriching way.

Tabouret industriel de bar chez Grazie à Paris

Stylish industrial decoration

The principle of industrial furniture is to bring elements directly inspired by the working environment of the 20th Century industrial and metalworking revolution into the home.

Assise de chaise ou tabouret Nicolle en cours de pressage

The secrets of building a Chaise NICOLLE® chair

NICOLLE® chair benefits from a long tradition of artisanal manufacture, based on the use of very resistant and durable materials as well as an industrial technique dating back more than a century. This experience guarantees the quality, solidity and originality of our products.


How can I tell a genuine Chaise NICOLLE® chair from a copy?

There’s a profusion of different models of chairs and stools out there that all look like original Chaise NICOLLE® products, especially from large retailers, but these are just low-quality imitations. Learn how to identify an authentic Chaise NICOLLE chair.