Dare to be different with mix-and-match chairs

Pairing different seating styles

Seating as a decorative element! Why not use seating to add a splash of color and a stylish modern touch to your interiors.

In the kitchen, the dining room, at your desk, the bar or high tables.

Chairs can be coordinated with lighting, curtains, blinds, nets, tables, even posters and rugs. Your choice of color and material for the seats is an excellent way of making each room a conversation piece.

The golden rule is to maintain a shared theme between all the seats. To ensure there’s a coherent style, combine stools, chairs and armchairs or vary the color.

Dare to shake it up by making similar periods and shapes a focal point.

Anything goes around the table as long as all the chairs are the same height.

Chaise Nicolle mélangée avec des tabourets bois ethnique et une chaise Surpil
Chaises dépareillées
Chaises bois et métal autour d'un ilot de cuisine

Different color chairs

Mixing and matching colors of the same model around a table seems like the easiest option. In this case, you just need to ensure a certain amount of coherence by opting for a balanced counterpoint.

A single brightly colored chair in the middle of other more neutral or timeless chairs (black, white, grey), or assorted in pairs, or a cameo, or harmony between warm colors (from red to yellow) or cold colors (from blue to green), or even a striking color for each seat. Why not a rainbow?

If they follow a shared idea, the theme will work however you do it.

Chaises de cuisine Nicolle
Chaise et tabouret Nicolle, métal ou bois et métal?

Diversify your seats

Less quirky and more discreet? You can simply mix or alternate the seats from the same family (metal, wood, loom, etc.).

A simple cushion or a leather pad effortlessly enhances this touch of originality.

Varying chair designs

Choosing different types of seating (with or without backs or armrests) adds character and originality to your interior.

Placing armchairs at either end of a table with chairs and stools in between is an excellent solution. Arranging different shapes of seats in front of a bar will give it a friendly look.

Adding occasional stools, which can be used as side tables, to a set of kitchen chairs will create a sense of harmony.

Let your imagination run wild...

Showing unpaired chairs doesn’t mean they have to clash.

With 4 collections and a choice of 210 RAL colours, Chaises Nicolle® lets you imagine almost limitless combinations while maintaining unity of form, shape, style and finish to give you the freedom to create a unique and striking arrangement.

Chaises Nicolle's Loom and metal bar chair, placed in an apartment in front of a bar.
Chaises de bar colorées

Which chair or stool is right for you?

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