Differences between metal chairs for indoors and outdoors

Indoor and outdoor metal chairs and stools have different functional requirements.

For indoor use, seating needs to be multi-purpose: whether used for sitting at the dining room table or at a desk, they also serve as decor. For this purpose, several versions of seat are available – metal, lacquered wood, and loom.

Exterior seating needs to stay outdoors all year round on patios, balconies and gardens. It has to be waterproof and frost-resistant, and have effective resistance to ultra-violet rays. The punched sheet steel used in their design prevents water from pooling on the seats. The many holes in our punched seats also make our exterior chairs and stools lighter.

One factor that’s often forgotten is stability in high wind, which metal chairs stand up to much better than those made of rattan or synthetic fiber. Being stackable means our stools can be stored in small spaces over the winter.

Assise de chaise Nicolle Outdoor en tôle perforée
Collection outdoor made in france

Anti-corrosion treatment for outdoor metal seating

Chaises Nicolle chairs and stools stand up to the very worst weather conditions thanks to their e-coating treatment. Widely used in the automotive and aviation industries, this technique consists of electrochemically coating the metal with an epoxy base layer. Chaises Nicolle exterior chairs and stools are then submerged into a series of different baths that strip, degrease and phosphatise them. They are then painted with water-based paint to a thickness of 20-40 microns to absorb evenly into all parts of the chair, even those you can’t see.

The treated parts then become black, which makes it impossible to apply transparent or colored lacquer to them. The chairs are then coated in epoxy powder before being baked at 464°F. The powder coating is lightly textured to make them scratch-resistant.

After treatment, chairs and stools have are effectively resistant to rust, even at the beach. Salt spray and sea mist can no longer damage the furniture, extending their lifetime considerably.

siège métal pour extérieur en cours de cataphorese

Prices for outdoor metal seating

This highly-effective anti-corrosion treatment comes at a cost, which Chaises Nicolle integrates into the retail price, but we still make sure it stays affordable.

La nouvelle gamme de siège métal extérieur Nicolle

Caring for outdoor metal chairs

Indoor metal chairs can be dusted with a dry or moist cloth. Our outdoor metal chairs and stools can be hosed down with fresh water. In both cases, you should never use an abrasive sponge or harsh chemical cleaning products.

Tabouret métal en terrasse, fabrication française
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Finally, what’s keeping you from taking the outdoor models indoors?

Which chair or stool is right for you?

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