Over a century of industrial history…


From 1913

Founded in 1913 near Paris, the NICOLLE® factory forges and stamps metal disks.

For the needs of his staff, Paul-Henry NICOLLE designs and manufactures a functional and sturdy workshop stool.

He uses a metal stamping process to manufacture each piece guaranteeing lightness and elegance.

Three legs and a circular seat are spot-welded.

An elegant metal backrest ensuring comfort and support will give rise to the Nicolle® chair.


Paul-Henry NICOLLE decides to market his production of metal seats to the neighbouring factories and then very quickly to those all over France.

It is the beginning of a great industrial adventure.

Thanks to its comfort and its ergonomics, the backrest that is already nicknamed “the whale tail” will ensure the fame of the Nicolle® chair.



NICOLLE® metal chairs and stools now have 4 legs to meet new safety standards.

They are available in 8 seat heights:

from 40 to 80 cm.

Nicolle® stools are now stackable and their footprint is reduced for guaranteed stability.

Production is in full swing!


Paul-Henry Nicolle creates the adjustable version.

The height is adjustable by means of a worm screw.

The Nicolle® adjustable chairs will now conquer the world of workshops and offices thanks to this very ergonomic backrest in the shape of a “whale tail”, which will sign its success.



Establishments NICOLLE® are sold to Fichet-Bauche, which refocuses the company’s activity around the manufacture of safes. Mr FELIX, then workshop manager, decides to found his own company in order to continue the French manufacture of the famous chairs. He buys the production tools and settles in Neuilly-Plaisance.



The collection is completed with the addition of metal and wood models.

A thermoformed beech wood seat with a 60’s design replaces the metal seat.

Ergonomics and comfort are further improved.

The success is immediate.


After 86 years of existence, work regulations take a wrong turn on NICOLLE® seats.

It now takes 5 feet to work in front of a machine.

Sales are running out of steam; manufacturing is stopped!



Jérôme LEPERT, an industrial archaeologist, discovers the abandoned tools and moulds used in manufacturing.

He decides to save them from destruction and plans to revive the French manufacture of this famous chair for industrial furniture.



fabrication made in France de la chaise Nicolle, assemblage.

Manufacturing is restarted. The presses and tools are refurbished in absolute respect of traditional techniques.

The name NICOLLE® and all the models are registered worldwide and these seats 100% made in France will now be exported all over Europe, America and Asia .

A rich Epoxy powder coating of more than 200 RAL colors will now dress the collection.

Nicolle® chairs and stools will appear in restaurants, cafeterias, bistros, delicatessens, kitchens but also offices, showrooms, stores and work spaces.


Metal and Loom models are born!

The LLOYD LOOM fiber baptized in 1917 by its American inventor, MARSHALL BURNS LLOYD, is stronger, softer and more comfortable than rattan.
is stronger, softer and more comfortable than rattan.

It is made of KRAFT paper wrapped around a galvanized wire, woven and then varnished.

It now covers the seats of Nicolle® chairs!