Metal chairs: a solid choice for a sustainable future

In a world were sustainability and environmental responsibility have become priorities, it is essential to look for products that respond to these values. Made in France, these metal chairs offer a versatile, durable, stylish solution for modern living spaces.


One of the key characteristics of this metal seating is its exceptional durability. Metal is a robust material that stands up to impact, corrosion and everyday wear and tear. Unlike wooden or plastic chairs which can eventually bend or break, metal chairs are designed to stand the test of time. Their solid, hard-wearing structure can bear exceptional loads without weakening. That’s why countless hotel and restaurant professionals continue to choose this material.

The life span of this furniture is truly remarkable. Which means no more waste: they are easily stripped and repainted to give them a new lease of life.  The very first Chaises NICOLLE® chairs are now nearly 100 years old and are still going strong!

Environmental responsibility:

By choosing metal chairs you are choosing an ecologically responsible solution. The manufacturing process for this type of chair consumes significantly less energy than other materials such as plastic or wood.

Metal is an infinitely recyclable material! These metal chairs can be recovered, sent to the foundry and melted down to be reused to make new metal products. The environmental footprint is therefore extremely low.

Metal chairs are also easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and require no special treatments or chemicals to keep them in top condition.

Naturally, Chaises NICOLLE® is a sponsor and partner of the ECO-MOBILIER programme which manages a nationwide system for recovering and recycling a range of materials.


Traceability is an essential element of a product’s sustainability and eco-responsibility. At Chaise NICOLLE®, we choose our materials (steel, wood, etc.) and suppliers (paints, packaging, etc.) with care, with a constant eye on quality and proximity. For example, the majority of the metal we purchase is produced just 22km from our workshops at Meaux. Our chairs are made exclusively in France, and each stage of the manufacturing process is rigorously inspected. We are also proud to promote local production, to help reduce our carbon footprint from transport.

By choosing Chaise NICOLLE® products, you’re investing in a product that will stand the test of time, and which is manufactured using environmentally-friendly practices to ensure full traceability in the supply chain. And by choosing metal chairs, you are opting for furniture that combines elegance, functionality and which cares for the environment.

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