Working with a designer to reinvent an iconic chair

Tradition and modernity: from industrial furniture to stylish modernity

To go the distance, traditional craftsmanship must constantly reinvent itself. Research and development and industrialisation go hand-in-hand, constantly bringing new innovations, sometimes in the subtlest ways, as well as new processes and techniques.

At Chaises Nicolle®, with our depth of knowledge of materials and manufacturing, we already worked on both the wooden and loom seats and accessories, as well as developing seats of different heights to meet all uses…

Our tête-à-tête with a designer gave us a whole new perspective on our craft and production. Their creativity allowed us to re-examine our product in an original and enriching way.

Birth of a new model: the Nicolle® Armchair

Our collaboration with Paola Navone – Otto Studio merges two antithetical yet complementary worlds, blending that of factories and workshops with the elegance of contemporary furniture to offer a product with an entirely new identity. The Nicolle© Armchair is living proof of how craftsmanship and styling complement each other to create innovative products.

To achieve this result and rise to the challenge, we had to experiment with techniques and materials as part of a collaborative effort. From the initial design to the first prototypes took many stages to resolve questions of feasibility, practicality, aesthetics and cost. Each challenge required us to find its solutions.

Finally, to keep the lines of the original that are a hallmark of Chaises Nicolle, the seat is wider than on our heritage models, with the addition of a curved armrest held by a flower-motif bracket along with two springs to ensure the flexibility of the famous whale-tail backrest, all the while modernising and personalising the iconic Chaises Nicolle® chair.

Gros plan ressort Fauteuil Nicolle
Détail Molette fauteuil Nicolle by Paola Navone

Options and versions: the Outdoor collection

The superb working relationship with Paola Navone – OTTO Studio , as well as the various discussions and sharing of ideas and skills opened the door to new possibilities for development.

By adapting the tooling to punch the metal, and by working with a range of new partners to treat the metals, the Outdoor collection was painstakingly brought to life. Design details were lovingly reworked to meet the constraints of the structure. These modifications allowed us to develop all of our ranges.

Assises chaise et tabouret extérieur de jardin de Chaises Nicolle ® By Paola  NAVONE
Outdoor collection by Paola Navone- Otto studio

The fruits of a partnership with a designer

Throughout our partnership, the experience was mutually enriching for our way of thinking, allowing us to create unique forms that correspond perfectly to the needs and expectations of our users.

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